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New to Pukka? Do these 2 things:

  • Join our 'Pukka Parents' Facebook group: Pukka Parents | Facebook Anyone can post in this group, but this is mainly information from the Pukka team about upcoming events. Letters are handed out in classes, but we share any letters given out in this group as well (just incase your letter doesn't make it's way home!)

  • Join our 'Pukka Parents' WhatsApp group and/or 'Pukka Dance' WhatsApp Group Message Sarah Creasey on 07917881220 and request to be added. (Request to be added to the group[s], along with your kid's name and the group they attend). Only Admins can post in this group, so you will only get important messages/updates via this chat from the Pukka team.

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